Gold Membership

Gold Membership is available for Members who have either completed a Trainer Certification, PGCE, or Degree in a relevant qualification which meets the Minimum Training Requirements as set below.


  • All the benefits of Bronze and Silver membership
  • Listing on the IAHT website found under a registered trainer

Membership Fee

£80 per year plus £20 for website listing, renewable annually on anniversary of membership.

This fee includes Gold membership and website listings.

Requirements At The Time of Application:

  • Registered Silver Membership of the IAHT
  • Completed the course intending on teaching
  • Trainer’s Certificate from a recognized training institute
  • Or PGCE
  • Or Degree with relevant area of study
  • Have Trained a minimum of 40 Students during this two year period
  • 40 hours of Ongoing Professional Development (OPD)

Ongoing Membership Requirements:

  • Meet and renew Registered Gold Membership with IAHT
  • Provide references from six students within the past twelve months
  • Evidence of a total of 40 hours of Ongoing Professional Development

To Apply

  • Please email
  • Scan or forward documentary evidence of Trainer Certification from a training institute whose training meets the Minimum Training Requirements specified by the IAHT. Or scan copy of PGCE, or Degree in relevant area of study
  • Submit evidence of completing a minimum of 40 hours Ongoing Professional Development in past 12 months
  • • Submit your core syllabus of any courses you will be teaching
  • Explain and provide documentation of your methods for evaluating students ability to show behavioural demonstration of integration and use of tools and concepts
  • Provide references from three students within the past six months
  • Document your Commitment to supporting students in their ongoing personal/professional development
  • Provide Evidence of ongoing communication from the Trainer to students after their training course has finished
  • Provide a copy of marketing material used for promotion of training course
  •  Provide your website address
  • Provide a copy of your Training Manuals (discretionary, may be asked for by the IAHT during assessment of your application)

To Renew Membership

  1. Email us through our contact page within one month of your membership expiry date, setting the subject as Gold Membership Renewal
  2. Submit evidence of completing 40 hours of Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) per year
  3. Submit references from six students within the past twelve months

Application Process

Please allow 4 weeks for the processing of your application. If you have any questions about your eligibility for membership please contact us.